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The more online daters feel empowered to choose, the more committed they are to the choice they make.

“Online daters understandably become overwhelmed with the number of choices,” Hall said.

“It is rating your conversation partner in comparison to ostensibly available others.” One interpretation comes from economists’ General Evaluability Theory.

It says you become committed when you think you’re in the driver’s seat in your choices.

We wanted to look at how physical attractiveness ratings change and whether evaluating a person’s photo in a lineup helps or hurts the interaction you’re going to have.” The researchers randomly divided participants into three groups.

“You didn’t see the same increase for really attractive people,” Hall said. One group pre-rated 10 photos, not including their partner, and the other group did not pre-rate anyone at all.Then the participants were ushered into a lab, where they met for the first time one of those 10 people they had just rated and had a 10-minute conversation.“Afterward, they were asked questions like ‘Did you think this person was likeable, charismatic, responsive, smart and funny?“You reduce your evaluation of your conversation partner because you saw more attractive choices that you think you could have had. ” The implication is this, Hall said: “Using physical attractiveness to sort people to date is a bad strategy.It misses a lot of what makes for a good conversation, and the characteristics of a good conversational partner change how attractive they are in your eyes.” Hall suggests that daters ask themselves, “Would I really like to spend time with this person?

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  1. I look for that inexplicable “click.” I’m not the hook-up type. Before making my decision, I need to understand how to do it the right way — without it being a total waste of my time and energy (or a source of stress).