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In an October 2010 report by the NCAA, Graduation Success Rates were dissected according to sport, race and gender.African American student athletes overall GSR was listed at 64% while White student athletes GSR was listed at 84% (NCAA Research Staff, 2009).

Currently in the sport management literature, there is a paucity of research focused on female administrators in intercollegiate athletics (Benton, 2003; Dohrn, 2003; Hartfield, 2003; Sweaney, 1996), and there are no studies on the organizational commitment of Senior Woman Administrators.

“ROI” and “experiential” logics contain strongly gendered meanings and are variously emphasized, downplayed, or combined, based largely on the social locations of those decision-makers internal to the league. Football, by far the country’s most popular sport, is a violent game, where coaches and teammates have historically expected players to place their bodies at risk for the good of the team.

The balancing of these logics has consequences for perceptions of team “success” or “failure,” as well as league sustainability and future developmental outcomes. boys participate in organized teamsports and fandom of marquee sports are key components of fraternization among U. Sport media traditionally used their influence to reify this social script, simultaneously promoting their own masculine capital.

In a social and political context in which sedentariness and obesity have been constructed as among the key health concerns of our time, many Kinesiology and Physical Education Departments are shifting their programs to focus increasingly on health promotion.

Indeed it could be argued that calls for greater public promotion of exercise and physical activity have invigorated certain quarters of these two disciplines.

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I will discuss resistance to these perspectives and offer examples of the kinds of materials and discussions that have helped to shift the debate (a little bit) in my own classroom.

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