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Harshad - That confusion is just for Aaliya ji (laughs). Preetika - I will miss Harshad's sense of humor and his confusing taarifon ke pul (laughs).

Who among you makes the other laugh while enacting any scene? He cracks a joke and I used to listen from everyone as why am I laughing.

Their on-screen chemistry, whether it has been romantic scenes, their roothna-manana or their nok-jhoks have always connected well in the hearts of the audiences.Any embarrassing fan compliment you have come across? A lot of girls write to me that - We have a Girl Crush on you but I have never really heard about this term 'Girl Crush.' Harshad - There are a lot of girls on the set as well who have a crush on her (laughs). Preetika - (laughs) Harshad keeps cracking jokes so much that sometimes it becomes hard to make the difference whether he is joking or actually praising (laughs). he calls me Mallika E Cherish, Mallika E Beintehaa and all. but when she sings, it feels as if a nightingale is singing... Preetika - There was a fan who wrote to me that if I was a guy then I would have proposed you. Harshad - There was a very weird question a fan asked me once - How do you get rid of acne? I said that may be you should talk to your dermatologist (laughs). Harshad - I keep complimenting her but she doesn't. Harshad - Aaliya ji kanjoos hain taarif karne mein but she is a combination of good looks and talents. We didn't know each other before but still our on-screen chemistry came out well. Seen in that way, Ankur calls me Mallika-e-Beintehaa," said Preetika.She blames a photograph shared on a social networking platform, for the romance rumour.

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Actress Preetika Rao is flummoxed by reports suggesting she is in a relationship with the director of her successful serial Beintehaa.

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