No sex while dating dating violence magazine article

Posted by / 24-Jul-2017 03:13

Also, if it is too soon for your partner to be having sex, then why is it not too soon for you to be having sex as well?

Why are you not judging and holding yourself up to the same moral standard?

Getting into all of the who, what, when, where and why cannot be explained here but to sum it all up, women are perceived as being a threat simply because of their desirability.

One facet to explore would be that the male ego is built upon a need or a drive to conquer, to expand, to be strong, to be dominant, etc and in the end it is the female whom the male inevitably feels weak to.

It is no secret that most men do not like to even think of the woman of their affection being with another man. One must first ask, who gets to decide what is too soon?

Fear causes men to manipulate women into denying their feminine desires which in turn causes us to feel guilty and sinful for certain behaviours. And should someone be judged because their view of too soon differs from yours?

Men do not restrict our sexuality because they do not value us; they restrict it because of the opposite.

Men are quite aware of how much we mean to them and this need for us can easily be misconstrued as being a weakness. What do they do about things that they feel are beyond their wilful control?

Thus we have many rules, stigmas, religious guidelines and laws to insure that women are kept in a psychological position of subservience.If a woman is not worthy of respect because she has sex too soon, then its the same for the man.Dear Dr Nekia, Why does there seem to be a double standard with men?I have heard this before, but Im trying to figure out why would a man lose respect for a woman just because she sleeps with him.Men are always trying to have sex or, at the very least, will not turn it down.

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