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Once on “the other side” of the ritual, the initiate is “born again.” (Mircea Eliade, .) Thus, the image of the bridge is an essential element in the human psyche and consequently has appeared in a wide variety of films.

However, there is a concurrent tradition of the metaphorical “crossing a bridge,” bringing positive or hopeful change into one’s life.

In a few films building bridges has been shown to be a type of dangerous, exciting work or a means of amassing a fortune.

Socio-economic themes have been explored in films by depicting characters who live near, under, or even, in one case, on a bridge.

This essay is based on viewing many of those films available on video/DVD or the Library of Congress website of early documentaries.

For those unavailable in either video or DVD format, I have relied on the descriptions written by other viewers, mainly found on the Internet Movie Database.

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Psychologically the walkway or road over empty space fills us with dread and uncertainty.