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"It only captures the initial stage of the extended process involved in long-term mate choice.

But that initial expression of interest is crucial for launching everything else." Reference: "Different cognitive processes underlie human mate choices and mate preferences," to be published the week of Sept.

The study used a speed-dating session in Germany to compare what people say they want in a mate with whom they actually choose.

Speed dating, an increasingly popular way for singles to meet, involves sessions in which men and women have numerous "mini dates" with up to 30 different people, each date lasting anywhere from three to five minutes.

Furthermore, while men on average wanted to see every second woman again, the women wanted to meet only a third of the men again.

While the study's results came as no surprise to Todd, the research usefulness of the speed-dating forum did.

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Women living where rates of infectious disease are high, according to theory, prefer men with faces that shout testosterone when choosing a mate.

However, an international study says that may not be ...

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After every date, the men and women checked a box on a card noting whether they would like to see the other person again.

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