Updating eurovox software

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Updating eurovox software

Still, it has 32 favourites categories (16 for radio, 16 for TV) to choose from so you can easily create one for HDTV channels.

These categories are displayed onscreen, along with available satellites (plus 'terrestrial' and 'all channels') by pressing the handset's 'group' button.

These will go from 576i (standard def, interlaced) to 1080i.

If you have a DVD recorder you can have the RGB Scart output active at the same time as the HDMI port, even if the latter is in hi-def mode.

If you've specified the latter then a further motorised setting menu is available.

The searching options featured include full auto-scan, manual-scan of a single transponder, PID scan or blind search.

A couple of prominent control discs are provided for menu control – these will also adjust volume and step through channels.

We're impressed with the 12-character fluorescent display with channel name, basic menu information, various status icons and a standby clock.

For each mode you can tell the EX8000 if you're after free-to-air and/or encrypted channels.

As searching proceeds the found channels are listed against the background of a skyscape with cutesy animated-dish icon.

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For pay-TV services it boasts a card reader for use with firmwares that can emulate CAMs, plus two CI slots for any hardware CAMs you might have.

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