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Who is linda eder dating

At the age of 13, Bud and his family moved from the Minnesota farm to Park Grove, Montana where his father worked for the Army Corp of Engineers building the Fort Peck Dam; while Bud delivered newspapers and did other small odd jobs.After he graduated from Nashua High School in 1939 he worked on the Nefzger Ranch in Vida, Montana.

Taylor Zira ve bir arkeolag olan nişanlısı Cornelius'un (Roddy Mc Dowall) ilgisini çeker.

Kaçarlarken Dodge öldürülür, Landon baygınlık geçirir, Taylor ise boğazından vurulur.

Goriller Taylor'ı Goril Şehrine götürürler., where his life is saved by two chimpanzee scientists, animal psychologist Zira (Kim Hunter) and surgeon Galen (Wright King).

Upon awakening, Taylor — now housed in a cage with a girl whom he later calls Nova (Linda Harrison) — discovers that his throat wound has rendered him mute.

Taylor discovers that the apes, who can talk, are in control and are divided into a strict caste system: the gorillas as police, military, and hunters; the orangutans as administrators, politicians, lawyers and religious clerics; and the chimpanzees as intellectuals and scientists.

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Sonunda, Taylor Zira'dan kâğıt çalar ve ona ileti yazmak için kullanır.